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Our Supporters

Our Supporter Base is currently growing. We would like to Thank the following businesses who are helping towards our cause

Savour Life

So far Savour Life have been a major contributor to All Over Staffy Rescue. So far Savour Life have generously donated over 100 Bags of food to us. Helping us provide good quality Australian Made Food to our Rescue Dogs. Thanks Savour Life !!! 


Pet Stock assist with all Veterinary Care for our Rescue Dogs. We are proud to be part of there Pet Assist Program. We Thank you for your kindness and generous support

Pet Circle

Our goal is to nourish pets and help them lead fulfilled, happy lives. For us, it’s about more than feeding them their favourite foods. It’s also about sustaining their overall growth, health and wellbeing.

Bubbles & Cuddles Mobile Dog Grooming

Belinda at Bubbles and Cuddles Dog Grooming is our Groomer of choice. Belinda has provided us with assistance in washing our Rescue Dogs and providing them with lots of love well doing it. Thank you for your support and dedication Belinda 

Snooza Pet Products - Save a Bed Scheme


Sit Drop Stay

We have recently found someone that understands Staffies and understands how to help you with your dog.

Rod Sinclair is easy to talk to. He cares about what he does and best of all he loves dogs.

Woof Doof Events

WOOF DOOF EVENTS are all about hosting high quality music events which showcase both local and interstate talent whilst supporting various animal shelters, rescues and NFP’s through donating (monetary or supplies) the proceeds generated from our events.

Through our events, we raise awareness for the rescue/shelter we are supporting and provide a platform to advocate animal welfare issues and promote responsible pet ownership.


Fido's is an Australian Owned company priding itself in the production of quality pet care products. Fido's Dog Shampoos are our product of choice and are highly recommended for pups of all skin types 

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