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A dog is for life… not just for Christmas

In this day and age that old saying seems totally dead and buried.

We seem to live in a time where everything is just “for the moment“ My parents are still married but the divorce rate these days is nudging 40% if commitment is that hard to someone we are supposed to stay with forever, then what chance does the dog you got actually have?

The surrender rates are so high these days, we often are dumbfounded by the reasons…

* I’m pregnant

So? Millions of women have had babies and a dog. We do not understand this reason for throwing away your “first baby”

* My dog is 11 months old and chewing everything

Ok … umm did you do any research at all on dogs? They chew things as puppies, up to the age of 2! If they have chewed something of value our question is why did you let them. If they can reach it, sorry it’s your fault. Give them things they can chew like a lump of wood 🪵 (that doesn’t splint)

* I’m moving to a place with a small backyard

No idea why this is an issue. Staffies are with their humans as much as possible. They don’t generally go and run around the backyard unless you are out there with them.

* I’m moving to a place with no backyard

Why? Choose a different place

* My dog has behavioural issues

And you don’t want to address them? You think giving them to someone else to deal with the problem is the answer?

* My dog killed a bird now we don’t trust them with our toddler

This one is priceless. The breed is Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The terrier part plays a big role in their make up. Terriers were bred to hunt and kill vermin. Birds, mice, rats and cats will always spark this natural instinct. On the other hand these dogs have the title of being the nanny for their little people.

We really wish people would do their homework on breed choice and really understand that the next 15 or so years you are this dogs world. They would never give you away if roles were reverse.

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