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English V's American?

People see little puppies. They are just the cutest ever. That goes for both English and American Staffordshires. What seems to be an alarming trend right now however, is the amount of American Staffies being surrendered at around the age of 11 months. Any why? Because people have not seen past the cute little puppy stage. All the Staffordshire's require training. They need boundaries. They need to be inside with their humans. But it seems that as the American's grow, people will often put them outside as they are too big to be "puppies"running around the house. With a lack of any training and no social skills with other dogs, we find people will try to surrender them to rescue rather than put the time in.

The difference between the two is the English version are smaller. So even with no manners and limited social skills, other people are more likely to adopt them. The poor Americans are finding it near impossible to be adopted out once they have been let down so poorly.

Think about your choices.

Think about the future.

Think about how much YOU will invest in time for YOUR dog.

Think about why someone else should have to taken on your dog once you have let them down.

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