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What you need to know before taking home a rescue dog

The thought of bringing home a dog that needs rescue is a fuzzy heartwarming feeling. Too many people don't seem to understand however, that bringing home a new member of the family that has not been to your place before, is scared and totally unsure of what is happening, can present some challenges.


Once you arrive home, make sure there is a designated "Safe" place for your dog. Talk a walk around the house and backyard. Show them where to go to the toilet. Then bring them back to their "spot" give them a treat and let them settle. Don't invite all the neighbours over. Give your new dog at least 3 days to decompress with you and the core family. This way they will understand which pack they now live in.




Go about your usual routine as much as normal. A sense of routine always helps with structure and foundation. Included here are you setting boundaries for your dog. They need them very much. Whatever your rules are you need to stick to them as does the whole family.


We generally do NOT get perfect staffies in. Saffies can have a few negative traits, one being pulling on lead another is no social skills with other dogs. Please ask yourself how much are you prepared to put into training with your new dog? Our advice would be to start at the local obedience school you usually find one in every suburb on a Sunday morning. This will allow you to get out into a group of other dogs that is "A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT" This means you will be able to see how your dog handles the people and other dogs in safety. If this is not enough, you must reach out to a professional. We can recommend Sit Drop Stay and will happily pass on their details.



We do not think it is ever a good idea to let your dog off lead when there are other dogs running around. Your dog maybe perfect, but who knows what other dogs will do. You are better to go to an oval etc where there are no idiots.

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